Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

T&T engineered and implemented a Database Design for the IRS to utilize with the Customer Account Data Engine (CADE) & CADE2, and provides System Administration Support for Enterprise Informatica Platform, among other tasks.

T&T supports the CADE 2 Database Implementation Project with Full Enterprise Lifecycle Support Services. With the mission to improve service for all taxpayers and enhance IRS tax administration, T&T provides the most advanced solutions to help the IRS establish a sound tax account database (CADE 2), address financial material weakness, as well as develop state-of-the-art individual taxpayer account processing and world class services.

Software Development

We helped develop the highly normalized DB2 model that was successfully implemented by the IRS for their modernization of the Individual Master File (IMF) data. The relational model accommodates hundreds of existing transaction types with flexibility and extensibility to continually add new transaction types into the system as they come in scope. We also collaborated to develop the highly detailed transformation rules that allowed the original IMF data to be migrated into the CADE2 database, as well as the rules for data access systems to be able to retrieve and transform data. T&T was responsible for the bulk of the architectural design for the single enterprise-wide, shared services platform called Enterprise Informatica Platform (EIP) ranging from hardware layouts and configurations to the application level designs and how the two components interact with each other.


Program/Project Management Support

T&T collaborated with the development team to review major project requirements and advised on testability; determined special hardware/environment needs for test planning; assisted the development team in understanding /completing independent testing entrance criteria; and performed independent testing and certification.

System Administrator Support

T&T has worked extremely closely with the UNIX and Linux System Administrators (SA) that control the servers used by EIP. In many cases, T&T developed highly detailed, technical instructions that allowed the SA to implement solutions in a step-by-step manner. T&T also served as a resource for the SA teams to consult with on issues ranging from specifics of the interactions between the Informatica application and UNIX/Linux to general issues such as access control lists, scripted automation, and security management. T&T has been heavily engaged in examining server monitoring reports, such as CPU, swap file, and memory usage, to identify areas of improvement and resolve issues.

Cyber Security Support

T&T worked with the assigned cyber security team and focused on providing detailed answers to specific questions/concerns posed by the team relating to Informatica’s security controls, as well as additional controls that have been implemented in the EIP environments. T&T worked closely with the Enterprise Security Audit Trails (ESAT) team to develop an automated security auditing solution.