Department of Defense (DoD),

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

T&T provides DLA with a range of management and advisory consulting services in support of acquisitions management.

Management and Advisory Services

T&T supports DLA's J62 Program Executive Office’s (PEO) with their mission to centralize acquisition oversight, management, and expertise through the Extended Business Applications (EBA) Portfolio.


Our work involves performing Technical Project, Configuration Management Support, Change Management, and Transition Services Support functions for internal/external applications/projects.

T&T's team supports DLA with:

  • Project Planning/ Coordination/ Monitoring,

  • Quality Assurance,

  • Risk Management,

  • Policy Management,

  • Configuration Identification/ Management/ Auditing, and

  • Data Center Consolidation Support

Network Support Services

T&T provides Network Telecommunications Services (NTS) for DLA Enterprise Infrastructure Installation. Our team of Network Specialists are located at DLA facilities throughout the US, performing daily maintenance, repair, installations, and testing of Telecommunications cabling infrastructure. In addition, we ensure Cybersecurity and Physical Security compliance for the networks and provide tracking and reporting for performance data.