Department of Defense (DoD),

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

T&T provides a varied scope of services to the Defense Health Agency (DHA), across several active contracts, ranging from asset management and logistics, to maintaining information assurance for critical health systems.

Program Management
Provides on-site technical assistance to, and management of, contractor employees to resolve issues affecting IM/IT within the Medical Education Training Campus (METC) and develops a resolution plan for those issues that require prolonged tracking. Keeps client leadership apprised of any technical problems that arise during weekly meetings, and takes the initiative to resolve such problems in a most expedient manner. Oversees the writing of step-by-step technical procedures for the resolution of new and/or special/recurring problems affecting automation. Monitors the accuracy and completeness of all data entered in the incident management system and provides weekly and monthly statistics and management reports from a variety of sources.


Information Assurance

T&T supports the Information Technology Department of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) with Application Development Support, Information Assurance/System Security, and System Operation and Maintenance. Our IA Analysts perform Information Assurance (IA) analysis and auditing of Clinical Applications and Clinical Information Systems (CIS), utilizing both the DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and Risk Management Framework (RMF) methodology, as the organization transitions into RMF. Our Database Administrators coordinate and assist with clinical database operations among WRNMMC-Bethesda Directorates and clinical staff members.

Natural Language Processing Development

Our team of Data Scientists work with the Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry (DVEIVR), a repository of data related to service member eye and vision medical issues, where they analyze free text data fields using Natural Language Processing (NLP) over the network and produce de-identified enriched data. The outputs provide structured data which is ingested into the DVEIVR database, complementing existing structured data.  It will build upon DVEIVR ontologies, adding to the semantic representation of the underlying clinical data.

SharePoint Development and Administration
At METC, we apply a comprehensive understanding of the functionality and features of SharePoint to the client that span several areas of their core business processes including system administration, site design and maintenance, and designing and implementing Business Intelligence solutions. Responsibilities include creating and maintaining site collections with multiple sites, unique navigational elements, custom content types and site columns, site pages, web part pages, workflows, retention policies, and governance policies. We provide backup and restoration services, manage metadata and user profiles, and manipulate application settings as required to maintain optimum system performance.

IT Telehealth Engineering Support

T&T supports the WRNMMC IT Department, Telehealth Operation Division, working to maintain the Video Teleconferencing Systems and resolving customer connectivity issues.

T&T provides METC support related to AV/VTC systems and operations routed through the helpdesk. Skilled employees investigate elevated incidents by validating the problem and seeking appropriate solutions related to these complex issues. We are responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance, repair, and modification of all AV/VTC hardware and software. Schedule, operate, and maintain all VTC systems, coordinate connections between sites, and provide end user training. Design and integrate disparate AV systems into a working whole, prepare and maintain technical documentation, and analyze current technologies and recommend system improvements.

Budget and Project Analysis

T&T supports the WRNMMC in a Budget/Project Analysis capacity, supporting the development of the Information Technology Department’s (ITD) annual budget and financial forecasting/planning. T&T also provides support for the procurement of hardware, software and maintenance contracts for ITD, including performing analysis of solutions from vendors and making recommendations to senior leadership on best value and cost/benefit.

Data Quality Assurance and Audit Support

At the DHA Vision Center of Excellence (VCE), we perform both  Data Abstraction as well as Quality Audits of abstracted clinical/medical information stored in the Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry (DVEIVR), which is used to identify, track and assess eye related injuries and diseases of wounded Service Member/Veterans for analysis and study. Audited data is used to establish/validate quality review processes and identify opportunities to enhance the data abstraction and quality review processes.

On another contract, T&T provides Tier 2.5 Help Desk Support, including evaluating, processing, resolving, and tracking trouble tickets identified for the Defense Health Clinical System (DHCS). The team ensures that appropriate and timely action is taken to resolve any issues affecting the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA), CHCS users, or system performance.

Host Based Security System (HBSS) Installation and Management

T&T provides installation and management of Host Based Security System (HBSS) on the DHA’s Enterprise Blood Management System (EBMS) Production, Training, and Testing servers located at the three Military Health System sites (San Antonio, TX, Aurora, CO, and Vienna, VA). T&T manages the EBMS servers using HBSS, Anti-virus/Anti-malware, monitoring, and management administration software packages.

Asset Management and Warehouse Support

T&T is also responsible for managing the Data Warehouse operations of the DHA’s Health IT Infrastructure and Operations Division. Our team brings quality database management, logistics analysis, and trouble ticket analysis and resolution support to the DHA locations in San Antonio, TX.

Our critical logistics services to the DHA ensure smooth equipment repair and replacement processes and accurate asset inventory management. These services include:

  • Conducting hardware and software acquisition research

  • Managing End User Device (EUD) procurement

  • Developing and maintaining the Asset Management Database

  • Tracking and updating shipments and inventories

  • Resolving trouble tickets

Desktop and Systems Support Services

At the National Museum of Health and Medicine (NMHM), T&T provides automated desktop support services, server administration, and configuration services in support of NMHM user and system requirements. T&T’s dedicated desktop support and system administration support services involve addressing system issues, conducting routine maintenance, and updating the NMHM computer network systems.

T&T is solely responsible for all of METC’s Tier I and Tier II help desk support. This includes the performance of technical work to resolve customer issues regarding any IT related ticket, tracking the status of tickets, and generating a variety of reports from status to trend analysis of issues. T&T is also the source of technical expertise for METC’s complex A/V network and equipment deployments including video teleconferencing. Help Desk services include the deployment, configuration, and maintenance of desktop computers and peripherals, laptop computers, networked printers, telephone systems, and more.

​System Administration
At METC, we provide on-site technical SA support to maintain the functionality of application/web servers to include hardware/software configuration, performance monitoring and tuning, troubleshooting, issue resolution, new software releases, upgrades, systematic backup/recovery and assisting with migration plans. We support system maintenance, login and password retrieval, archiving course data, system updates, upgrades, building blocks, and other software and/or system integration with the academic functional systems. T&T provides virtualization support for a number of servers maintained within the campus environment as part of an evolving P2V infrastructure delivery platform.

Database Administration
We deliver METC with database administration support to include database creation, configuration, maintenance, security, capacity planning, upgrades, troubleshooting, issue resolution, backup/recovery procedures, database performance tuning and documentation changes. Our technicians maintain database security in accordance with facility and DoD standards to include application of security patches. Support development of updated system architectural design documents describing service level offerings and planned enhancements.

Computer-Based Training Development

T&T’s team develops Computer-Based Training (CBT) videos and other materials for the DHA’s Vision Center of Excellence (VCE), to demonstrate to clinicians, researchers, and other end users how to effectively query data, metrics, and other information from the Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry (DVEIVR). A sample video that our team produded for our DHA customer can be found at: