Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

At DHS, under the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, T&T is responsible for Program Management and Help Desk Services that centralize and streamline the travel booking experience for Cyber Security & Communication (CS&C) Office end-users.

Our team provides quality management solutions through the development, standardization, and execution of travel arrangements, transportation/financial procedure guidelines, and policy standards for the DHS CS&C Travel Office.

T&T is actively working to identify and implement ways to streamline and create efficiencies within the travel arrangement process for this agency through quality travel management processes and travel arrangement support services. Through this type of centralized management, which ensures consolidated and improved commercial travel oversight and management within CS&C; T&T provides a smooth travel booking experience for all CS&C end-users.

Our team conducts the processing of new and existing travel requests, as well as the expense and reimbursement procedures. We work to ensure government regulation compliance, maintain database accuracy, prepare and analyze tracking reports, aid in travel policy and procedure development, and troubleshoot unexpected issues. Additionally, our Program Manager acts as quasi-policy expert to assist the Federal Agency Travel Administrator (FATA) and CS&C end-users with complex issues associated with the CGE systems and travel requests